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Recover Damaged Documents in Delton, MI

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We can recover and protect vital information for home and business owners in Delton, MI.

In the case of a disaster, one of the first things you’re likely to concern yourself with is your sensitive information. Fortunately, our team of experts specializes in recovering items such as files and photographs damaged in a disaster. When it comes to protecting this information, time is of the essence. The sooner you give us a call, the better chance we have of salvaging your information in Delton, MI.

Why Choose Disaster Response?

Our Goal

At Disaster Response, we understand the traumatic feeling when you realize that your precious heirlooms and family valuables were damaged in a disaster. That’s why our team of experts works closely with you to help restore them to their original condition. We also recognize the monetary value of these vital documents, which is why we’ll help advocate for you with your insurance company. We’ll provide your insurance company with line-item claims, indicating how much it cost to restore your media. in Delton, MI this is the attention to detail that sets us apart.

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Our Technologies

At Disaster Response, we bring the latest document recovery media to our customers in the Delton, MI area. Using high-tech media increases the likelihood of recovering a document.

Vacuum-Freeze Dryers

The longer a document or piece of media is wet, the more chance there is of it not being recoverable. That’s why the first thing we do is put the document in a vacuum-freeze dryer, helping to make sure that it dries instantly so that we can work on salvaging the remains.

Desiccant Drying

Another excellent tool that we make available to our customers, desiccant dryers can dehumidify down to single-digit grains per pound. Essentially, this machine sucks moisture out of the air entirely. If you have a large room with many documents, this may be the first course of action we take to recover your documents.

Molecular Sieves

These sieves have pores of molecular dimensions. When we put your documents or media in one of these sieves, only water molecules can pass through. This is another excellent way for us to draw the maximum amount of moisture from your water-damaged documents, and is an excellent way to ensure your records are as dry as possible.

Radiation Treatments

Radiation is a known drying-agent. In extreme circumstances, we may incorporate radiation treatments to help dry your sensitive information. The radiation levels that we use are not harmful, but they could a long way toward drying your documents safely and preserving your information. You can trust that our experts are well trained in radiation treatments.

Ionized Air Washing

Using highly purified air, we can remove dust, powder, dirt, and debris from your documents. After we’ve dried them entirely, you may find that there is a slight film on them. Ionized air washing is the last step we take to help salvage your documents and restore them to their pre-disaster condition.